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The Carrot Stick Man

image loading... by Bo Bennett, PhD, Social Scientist, Business Consutlant
posted Wednesday Mar 19, 2014 12:00 AM

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Bo Bennett, PhD

Social Scientist, Business Consutlant

About Bo Bennett, PhD

You can read my full bio at http://www.BoBennett.com.

At the neighborhood park
on a warm summer's eve
there are two competitors
selling treats to the young and naive.

One sells ice cream
and various delicious treats
the other sells carrot sticks
and a medley of healthy eats.

The kids buy what they want
and not what they need—
why worry about later health
when a sugar rush now is guaranteed?

Be it the politician
or the neighborhood preacher,
the used car salesman
or the Sunday school teacher,

the infomercial pitchman
or the friendly Mormon,
the 1-900 psychic
or the evangelical doorman.

Their tasty treats
come in all different flavors
from Hollywood miracle diets
to blue-eyed saviors.

They present possibilities
difficult to dismiss
such as chats with dead loved ones
and an eternity of bliss.

They give people what they want
and not what they need—
why struggle with reason
when one can have faith in a creed?

Selling reason to adults
and encouraging people to think
is like selling carrot sticks to kids
who just want the buzz of a sugary drink.

But a life based on reason
can be wonderful like no other can
so I will continue to sell reason
for I am that carrot stick man.

- Bo Bennett

Bo Bennett, PhD
Founder and Developer of http://www.YourWebEmpire.com — A modular, web-based platform designed to quickly and easily create multiple attractive and highly-functional web properties.

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